Golsar Fars Company was put into operation in 1993 with a nominal capacity of 6000 tons equal to 430,000 pieces per year. Now due to the technical knowledge and experts power, it has been changed into one of the best manufacturers of sanitary ware in country with a production capacity more than 1,300,000 pieces per year. Golsar Fars Company has been changed into one of the best domestic manufacturers because of various indexes such as producing more than 130 different high quality products, employment of more than 500 expert personnel, wide domestic sales network and export markets and also high rate of customers’ satisfaction. The major policy of Golsar Fars Company is to produce high quality products than domestic standards. Therefore it has been welcomed at different parts of the world such as Middle East, Eastern Europe countries, Western Europe and Africa. It has found required competition power with similar foreign products as well. Golsar Fars Company has been granted EFQM certificate in 5-star level from European Quality Foundation, National Iranian Standard, ISO 9001:2008, and ISO 14001:2004 within its presence in production field. Based on the compiled vision and mission, this company has entered into 3rd decade of its activities while it was successfully granted CE standard and also the title of “Exemplary Exporter of Country” for the 5th year in 2012.Besides other awards including various gifts from State’s Exemplary Industry and also Exemplary Research & Development unit of country, there are tens of other titles and awards in Golsar’s records, which is a sign of activity and efforts of this organization for upgrading the position of state’s industry.

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